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My fourth plate in design. A recycled table lamp. Well, recycled-ish I dunno. Let’s keep this between us. truth is I didn’t use old materials because I can’t find the materials I want lying around where I live so I just told my teacher I used scrap wood and an old plastic container. Sneaky.

A little preview of my fourth plate in design. For our fourth plate, we were asked to make a lamp out of recycled materials in a span of three weeks(too long in my opinion). I was done days ago, I really don’t like making plates on the 11th hour. I think my creative juices run dry if I do that.  Anyway, I guess they were never wrong when they warned us about becoming a zombie when you’re in architecture school. I’m a step away from becoming a legit zombie to be honest haha. just need to throw in some tattered shirt and put some blood on my face and I should be good to go.

CAFALavera. The theme of our Acquaintance party was the Mexican celebration, Dia de Muertos or Day of the dead where people wear Calavera face paints and prepare skulls made of candy or clay. They celebrate Dia de Muertos as a way of remembering their loved ones who passed away. Anyway, I wasn’t able to find white or black face paint, good thing a friend lent me her eye liner (I forgot I have a charcoal pencil. They’re pretty much the same right?) so i used it to draw some of zombie boy's tattoos. I drew them when I got to the venue because I can't commute with a skull drawing on my face, that'd be weird. Others took it too seriously though, One of my classmates actually paid a thousand pesos for her Calavera face paint. dafuq. lol.

Kalayo" or flame/fire. This is my third plate in design. We were told to utilize cubes for this piece. I didn’t have any concept while I was making this. But after putting the blocks together it looked like fire to me. Lol.

Negative and positive space. I’m not particularly happy with this plate since I made this on the 11th hour when I realized that my first design was never gonna work. I’m quite amibitious tbh. Lol. “Yinyang koi

My first plate in design. “Mata” we were asked to create a sculpture of a gateway or a portal using one of the elements in design, lines. And I thought “what else better describes a portal than the eyes?” the eyes are the windows to our soul after all.

The Shuffle tag. Thanks to alyssatothewest for this tag. And I’m sorry for responding to this a little late.

The kind of music someone listens to can tell a lot about his personality. So hit the shuffle button on your music player and write down the first 20 songs that will come up. Then pass the challenge to 10 of your mutual followers.

So here are the first 20 songs that appeared when I shuffled my music player. 

1.Some Nights- F.U.N.

2. Nice Piece of Art- FM Static

3. Back For Good- Take That

4. The Remedy- Jason Mraz

5. You and I Both- Jason Mraz

6. Amy- Green Day

7. Young Wild and Free- Snoop Doog and Whiz Kalifa feat. Bruno Mars

8. Diane Young- Vampire Weekend

9. Sine-sine- Missing Felimon

10. Best I ever Had- Drake

11. Angels and Devils- Dishwalla

12. P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)- John Legend

13. Suroy-Suroy- Missing Felimon

14. Oo- Up Dharma Down

15. Viva La Vida- Coldplay

16. The Scientist- Coldplay

17. Hold My Hand- Sean Paul

18. Sway- Bic Runga

19. Brighter Than Sunshine- Aqualung

20. Settle Down- No Doubt

There you go, do we have some songs in common? :)

Thanks again alyssatothewest!

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