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Not that you’d care to see how I made the drawings but I’m not quite over my GOT mania. So I’m gonna share with you GIF pictures of the progress I made with each GOT character. 

You can check the “finished” drawings here:

Margaery Tyrell

Arya Stark

Jon Snow

Daenerys Targaryen

Tyrion Lannister

I just thought a little throwback was in order. Hello friends! Here I am trying to make an art comeback! Loljk.

Okay, so the last time I posted something was more than two weeks ago. I dunno. I’m sorry. I have been busy with stuff. We had our intramurals last week so I went back to my hometown, Iligan city. Unfortunately, our internet connection there was unavailable because of some lightning incident. I don’t know. And it took Pldt more than 5 days to fix the problem. Anyway, I spent a week there with my family and then I went back to Cebu last Sunday. Classes started immediately which meant that I was back to reality. You should know that I like every subject but Math. Lol. Which means I dislike MWFs. Do you like math? If you do, “teach me master”. Lol. Hello friends!

Our fifth plate in Design 01. A scale model of the human body, one is 1:10 m and the other is 1:50 m. And while waiting for our teachers I played with the clay for a bit and tadaa! there’s Iron man. Hello FRIENDS!

My fifth plate in design. It’s not yet finished because I have a handful of other things to do right now. I still have three days to finish it anyway. Hi FRIENDS! How you doin?

My fourth plate in design. A recycled table lamp. Well, recycled-ish I dunno. Let’s keep this between us. truth is I didn’t use old materials because I can’t find the materials I want lying around where I live so I just told my teacher I used scrap wood and an old plastic container. Sneaky.

A little preview of my fourth plate in design. For our fourth plate, we were asked to make a lamp out of recycled materials in a span of three weeks(too long in my opinion). I was done days ago, I really don’t like making plates on the 11th hour. I think my creative juices run dry if I do that.  Anyway, I guess they were never wrong when they warned us about becoming a zombie when you’re in architecture school. I’m a step away from becoming a legit zombie to be honest haha. just need to throw in some tattered shirt and put some blood on my face and I should be good to go.

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